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Nanette Gould, Esq.

A little background
Nanette Gould photo
Attorney Nanette Gould

Having spent countless hours in court and in mediation over employer/employee disputes, Nanette decided her skills and talents were best used in helping employers stay out of legal trouble, rather than coming in once the trouble had already started. She created Nashville Employment Law Center  to help businesses build a workplace free of legal "dark clouds," where management and employees alike are free to use their time, energy and resources on their business, rather than worrying about legal issues.


Nanette is an attorney with twelve years of experience practicing civil rights law in the Nashville area. Having represented employees,  employers, and students., Nanette is well acquainted with both sides of virtually all employer/employee disputes and Title IX processes.


Nanette also has extensive experience in helping employers deal with FLSA lawsuits and audits by the U.S. Department of Labor.


Nanette's training background goes back many years, and her style is engaging and very effective. She understands how to communicate complex ideas effectively to people of all backgrounds, education levels, and personality types. Clients are always her top priority.


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