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Title IX

Title IX

Defense of students accused of Title IX violations

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Students Accused of Title IX Violations Deserve Help Too

At NELC, we believe that students of accused of Title IX violations also have rights. It's our job to help the accused get due process and fair treatment.

If you search "Title IX" in any search engine, you're going to see results filled with pages, articles and images designed to encourage those students who feel that they have been sexually harassed, exploited, or even raped. And that's a good thing, because those who have been assaulted deserve a safe place to report a violation and get redress.


Your search will return few or no resources designed to help the accused exercise their rights. You might get the impression that anyone who is accused of sexual assault must be guilty.

But that is contrary to one of the bedrock foundations of the United States. Innocent until proven guilty. Universities, due to Title IX policies, do not have to abide by the concept of innocent until proven otherwise. They are free to treat the accused as guilty from the moment any accusation is made. All too frequently, those students are denied the right to face their accuser or confront the accuser or any witnesses to assist in their own defense.


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