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  • Training staff to comply with employment laws.
  • Reviewing company policies and procedures
  • Helping you understand the huge role your company's culture plays in avoiding legal action and in your bottom line.
Legal Compliance Training

We train your management and supervisory staff in all aspects of state and federal employment laws. Our seminars are designed to help your business properly interview, hire, evaluate and terminate employees while staying clearly within the bounds of the law.


By offering in-person training seminars, we make sure that everyone in attendance has the opportunity to fully understand how to comply with the law, and to ask questions that apply the knowledge to their individual work environments.


In addition, we offer 60 days of free advice to anyone who attends a seminar, giving them the opportunity to take what they learn back into their work environment and ask questions when they encounter situations where the right action isn't readily apparent.


Review of Policies and Procedures

We review all of your company policies and procedures to ensure that you are complying with the law in your company handbooks, legal poster displays, offer letters, job applications, and all other written materials used in your business.


Can your employee handbook be used in a legal action?


Are your people employees or independent contractors?


Do you know how to properly classify someone as exempt or non-exempt for purposes of overtime pay?


Do your employees receive non-monetary benefits that factor into their compensation?


Is your company an "eligible employer" under FMLA laws? Do you know what's required of you if an employee requires medical leave?


Do you have written protocols for application screening, interviewing, performance appraisals and disciplinary action?

Company Culture Training

Every company has at least one employee that is unproductive, and most likely that person is a member of a protected class and management is reluctant to fire that person for fear of legal action. Do you realize the effect that has on your productive employees? Hint: It's not good.


Every company has policies that all employees are required to follow. Do the employees understand the business reasons for those policies? Hint: The more they understand, the more likely they are to comply willingly.


Every company gives employee evaluations at bi-annual or annual intervals. Do your employees understand how they will be evaluated and by what standards: Hint: Nothing should ever come as a suprise in an employee evaluation.


At NELC, we believe that employees who feel valued, feel that they are treated fairly, who understand why management imposes certain rules, and who feel valued are the least likely employees to sue you.


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